There’s no such thing as too much makeup, or so they say. All of us can relate to that situation of finding all kinds of makeup items stored in bins, makeup racks and bags. The overwhelming feeling of having too much and not knowing what to do with them takes over. Ever wonder why you have so much makeup, but you end up using the same favourite items again and again? Whatever the reason may be, there’s a sure fire way to solve this and it’s by downsizing, decluttering and simply organizing your makeup collection. Once you have achieved this, you will discover that it will be easier to find items without scrambling all over, you will end up maximizing your makeup's potential and you will appreciate the items that truly are useful to you. Here’s the 3 simple steps we have compiled:

​1. Toss out expired products ASAP.

via: Kyla Rae Mccabe 

“Eliminate expired products: Right off the bat, if the product looks different or smells different, TOSS IT! Here is a basic rundown of product expiry dates: Mascara: 2-3 months / Liquid foundation + concealer: 12 months- if the liquid has separated or changed colour, toss it! / Lipstick: 2 years- if it smells different or has dried up, toss it! / Lipgloss: roughly 1 year- take into consideration how much you have used it, or if you have shared the tube with a friend. Bacteria grows quickly in places like this. Ew! / Cream blush or shadow: 1 year- just check and see if the product has dried up or has changed in scent or colour / most skincare products will have the expiration date right on the packaging or will say something like “24 m.”

2. Give away makeup items that you do not use at all.

via: Daily Makeover 

“Maybe you don’t use it but it seems like a waste to toss it. Ask your friends and family if anyone needs a certain beauty item, and if you have one that you’re not using or enjoying you can feel good about passing it along. Make sure you clean and sanitize anything you’re giving away, though, and use your good judgement, giving your best friend a used mascara is a recipe for angry texts and an eye infection.”

3. Organize your downsized stash.

via: Sarah What 

"If you’ve edited down your stash but still have lots of products, you might want to invest in some make up draws from Ikea to separate your beauty products. You can reserve a large draw individually for skin, makeup and hair and separate sub-categories like blushes and lipsticks in containers within the draw. If you have a medium sized beauty collection, consider buying a trolly or a smaller shelving unit where you can separate your makeup, hair and skin products. If you now have a really cute, minimal edit of products, simple containers will do the trick and can be placed on your beauty desk and in your bathroom.”

These three easy steps should be done every six months to a year depending on how much makeup you buy. Remember, it is very important to throw out expired products religiously to avoid skin reactions and bacteria buildup. Always have a fresh tube of Bella Eleganze’s The Lash Mascara every 3 months and you are all set in keeping your lash game strong. Keep in mind that makeup is still applied on your skin so it is very important to treat it more like how you treat anything perishable. More importantly, we women must know that makeup items are meant to be used and enjoyed not hoarded and collected without any real purpose. Stay beautiful, ladies!

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