Let’s have a moment of realness. Life isn’t always jolly and fun. It could be sunny outside your window but deep inside of you, you’re just feeling blah. There are times we get drained and uninspired. Every woman can relate to this. There are days when you just wake up feeling tired then when you look in the mirror, all you see is a boring face that has no sparkle. Worry not! There’s a good number of beauty tricks that will help you look and feel beautiful. When you feel good, somehow it gives you that boost of confidence that you need to tackle the day’s tasks and obligations. Here are 5 great beauty pick-me-ups:

• Fake a glow.

Via:All Women's Talk

“Making sure your skin has a healthy, lovely glow is a great pick-me-up. You can do this in lots of ways. If you're into it, self tanners will work. So will bronzers. If you don't care about being tan, though, then keep an eye on number 1. Staying moisturized will provide you with a vibrant glow regardless of your skin tone.”

• Conceal.

Via: Get Healthy

“Under eye concealer gives the face an immediate pick me up. An illuminating concealer will reflect light off dark circles and a peach toned concealer will correct any discoloration. Looking well slept has never been so easy.”

• Try a blowout.

via: Babble

“If you’re struggling with your hair, but don’t want to go as drastic as a color change or a cut, try a blowout. Blow dry bars are everywhere today. They’re a quick and easy way to have someone else wash and blow dry a style for you. This is especially great on those drab days!”

• Give your lips some love.

Via: Cosmopolitan 

“Dry and cracked lips come every winter without fail. So to sort them out try applying a generous amount of lip balm, leave to soften for ten minutes, then gently exfoliate off the dry skin with a toothbrush. Or for an overnight fix, try eye cream on the lips and surrounding skin to avoid a wrinkled and dried out pout. Then once your mouth is looking marvellous, add a bright lipstick. It will make your skin look fresh and can even help brighten your dull, winter mood.

• Apply great quality mascara.

One cannot deny the beautifying power of long lashes! Add drama to them by applying Bella Eleganze’s The Lash mascara. This will help your eyes look awake and alert. Plus it make you look effortless and sexy! Indeed, a great trick to brighten your mood on the dreariest of days!

Try these tricks and see the powerful effect on your mood and overall well being. Remember, you don’t have to beat yourself up when you feel down. Life has its ups and downs and not all emotions and negative feelings are permanent. One way or another, your worries and stresses will all pass. You’ll flow with so much ease, grace and fluidity sooner or later. Stay happy and fabulous, ladies!

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