Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez seem to get it right and on point all the time when it comes to their beauty game! It’s not so much of a shock or a surprise. These aspirational gals are super successful and earning serious mega bucks so they afford the best beauty products, stylists and makeup artists! For us mere mortals, looking like a goddess can be a challenge. But fret not! The Bella Eleganze team has got you covered. While we are all climbing the ladder of our personal goals to achieve our dreams, we too can look beautiful and fabulous without spending tons on just getting prettified. Here’s a list of top beauty tips and secrets from the experts:

  • Applying your blush right can make you look young.

Via: Marie Claire 

"Apply two shades of blush for the perfect flush of youth. Pink, or anything in the red family should be placed on the apple of the cheek; it will give the effect of blood coming to the surface. Peach, coral, or anything in the orange family should be applied to the highest point of the cheekbone; that gives the effect of heat rising. Finish by bringing a matte bronzer to the skin where sun hits the face (forehead, cheekbone, bridge of nose, and chin)."

—James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and director of artistry for Ardency Inn

  • Powder in between primer and foundation.

Via: Stylecaster 

“One way to make sure your makeup lasts all day is to set your primer with a powder before applying foundation. It sounds odd (since we’ve always been told to never apply liquids on top of powders), but it actually works. Apply your regular face primer and dust a lightweight translucent powder over top. By doing this, you are locking it in, ensuring that the primer won’t slide around and disturb your foundation. But remember, moderation is key, applying too much powder will make the foundation application cakey.”

  • Get rid of dry skin without expensive creams.


"If you have dry, sensitive or dull looking skin, you can use raw honey as a facial mask. Raw, unpasteurized honey contains mild alpha hydroxy acids, such as gluconic acid, which can exfoliate, promote collagen renewal and increase elasticity. Not only does raw honey exfoliate, the natural sugar in it retains moisture. Slather raw honey all over your face as a mask and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry."

—Ashley Rebecca, makeup artist

  • Change up your lip color with an unexpected one.

Via: Elle 

“Nudes and neons are de rigueur in the spring and summer, but throw everyone for a loop and wear a wine or berry colored lip instead. “I would love to see a woman at night time in Miami wearing a neon shift dress with a plum lip to ground it. It’s unconventional,” Sir John said. To make the color last longer, apply liner, apply your lipstick, and then take a bit of loose powder or translucent powder and go over the lip with that. Finally, apply your lipstick again. The layers and powder will lock in your shade, and you shouldn’t have a problem with feathering or bleeding.”

  • Look younger by color tweaking your brows and lashes.

Via: Marie Claire 

"Gold powder pigment is a great way to lengthen lashes or brows. Use a clean spoolie brush, toothbrush, or mascara wand, and brush a bronze or yellow gold pigment through a mascared lash or brow for a beautiful effect that adds dimension without looking hard."

—James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and director of artistry for Ardency Inn

These tips are simply game changing. It’s just a matter of finding out which ones work for you. Looking fabulous isn’t just for the stars. You too can look and feel beautiful. Learn these tricks of the trade, practice and master them! Apply your favorite Bella Eleganze’s The Lash Mascara to finish off your look! Enjoy and stay beautiful, ladies!

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