Looking for a different way to add oooomph to your look? With a few makeup tricks, you can totally alter your style. One of our favorite things to do is to play up the eyes. You don’t need to go crazy with colors or learn difficult and fussy techniques. Here’s a secret- it’s all in the eyeliner! With a few simple variations, you can easily make your look fresh and new. The change is subtle but the overall effects are gorgeous. Top it off with your favorite Bella Eleganze’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to finish off the look. Here are some great eyeliner styles that are appropriate for everyday use. Darken the eyeliner application for night time or if you’ll be doing a fun night out for a smoldering dramatic look.

V Shape Line

Via: All Womens Talk, http://makeup.allwomenstalk.com/fun-eyeliner-styles

“..there is a V-shaped sort of eyeliner application that's really gorgeous. It's also versatile, because it can be worn casually during the daytime, or you can make it more dramatic for an evening out. All you do is outline the corners of your eyes, the most outward parts of your upper and lower eyelashes. This, naturally, makes a v-shape. For nighttime events, outline a little more of your upper lids. No matter when you try this look, make sure you smudge your eyeliner. You don't want a hard, really angular line.”

• Cat Eye with a Twist of Blue

Via: Refinery 29, http://www.refinery29.com/eyeliner-looks-by-eye-shape#slide-6

“Starting from the inner corners, Maki first painted on a thick, black line. "Just follow the natural eye shape," she says. But, instead of extending the line long, Maki stopped just outside the outer corners of the eyes. Then, she grabbed a blue pencil and drew from the bottom lashline flush alongside the black liner, then outward. "Making the wing longer is more fun," she says. And, since the color is just on the bottom line, it's interesting without veering too far into bad-YouTube-tutorial territory.

• The All Around The Eye

Via: All Womens Talk- http://makeup.allwomenstalk.com/fun-eyeliner-styles

“This look is a really fun eyeliner style, but be warned that it's not for everybody. Like the name implies, this technique involves lining the entirety of your upper and lower lids. It's best to make a soft but thick line on top and a thinner one on the bottom. You'll want to smudge here, too. If your eyes are small, however, this look can make them look smaller, so be careful!

• Go Graphic

Via: Beth Bender Beautyhttp://bethbenderbeauty.com/eyeliner-styles?___store=default

“Graphic liner has been extremely popular on the runways and in magazines as of late because of the modern appeal it gives off. You can create graphic liner however you want, but a few examples are to create a thick cat eye and taper the liner as you get towards the inner eye, or to create a cat eye, extend the tip to the crease and halfway across the crease, so you get a sideways, half-moon appearance. Either way when it comes to this particular eyeliner look there are no limits.”

• Simply Go Colored

Via: Style Blazerhttp://styleblazer.com/421809/try-these-crazy-cool-eyeliner-styles-a-s-a-p/4/

“Those who want to steer away from the go-to black eyeliner can apply a light-colored liner to the upper and lower lash lines before smudging out for a bright, but understated look.”

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