This article isn’t just about trying to please men. We are all for individuality and making sure you keep the qualities that make you unique. But if you are still single and lacking a fulfilling love life, then these are things that you might want to think about. Maybe there are habits and mannerisms that you are doing, that overpower or mask the very things that are lovable about you! Men are known to be passive-aggressive. They won’t tell you why they aren’t that attracted to you. Here are the 5 sins women commit that men find disturbingly unattractive:

  • You get overly excited early on. So you just met this guy through Tinder and he sends you an invite to go out. Of course you go through the lengths of looking good, you go out on a date, have a great time and end the night with a kiss. You think you’re in love and you make the awful mistake of texting him 24/7. Stop! Just stop right there. Men find this annoying. Instead, make yourself busy. Find a hobby! Enroll in a hip-hop dance class. Let him be the one to text. Only entertain men that call you back after the first date. Remember, you’re awesome, you don’t need to run after men. They should run after you! Yes, you!


  • You wear too much makeup and you look like your faking it. You aim for vampy but end up looking trashy. You aim goddess when you look more like a clown. Stop it! Men like natural looking beauty. Makeup should enhance and not mask. Avoid heavy foundation, loud lipstick colors, bright blush colors and over the top fake lashes! Instead, use a natural tone for your lips. Pick foundations in light formulations that are the exact color of your skin. Blush colors should be subtle and give you a healthy glow. Ditch those fake lashes and glue! We like using Bella Elaganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to achieve sexy long lashes. It’s all about looking your best while looking natural, ladies. If you lack makeup skills, then a visit to the nearest makeup counter with trained beauty consultants will help you improve your makeup game.


  • You talk too loud. We are all about being outspoken and opinionated but you need not converse with people as if you are taking to someone who is hard of hearing. Be sensitive to how people react to you. If you find people covering their ears or simply finding space away from you then it’s time to lower and tone down the voice. Remember, if you want your point to be heard, a gentle yet firm tone will make people not only hear you but listen to you as well.


  • You are way too clingy. We get it. You’re in love and just can’t wait to be with your man again but you need to give him space. Being demanding of his time during days where he wants to shoot some hoops with his mates is the best way to get him to lose interest. Have a life of your own! Round up the girls for some yoga sessions or learn something new. Having your own hobbies and sense of purpose will not only enrich your own life, but will also keep you interesting.


  • You are a perpetual belittler or nagger. Having a superiority complex is such a turn off. When you insult or belittle men, you get no additional beauty points. Instead, learn how to give constructive feedback during an appropriate time. Do not nag repeatedly thinking this is the best way to be heard. In addition, avoid power playing by correcting him in front of your family and friends. Do it behind closed doors during a one on one session. Your man will love and appreciate you for it.



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