Are you still applying outdated beauty tips on your gorgeous face? If you have been living under a rock, chances are you still don’t know that thick and full brows are very much in fashion. Gone are the days of super thin and barely-there brows. So if yours look like Gwen Stefani’s circa 90s, better update your look fast. Thin ones make the face appear older and more haggard whereas thicker ones frame the face nicely and give the face a youthful appeal. Cara Delevingne’s beautiful brows are all the rage now and not hard to achieve. With so many beauty tips, we have come up with 5 tricks that are most relevant. With the help of these updated tips for plucking, you’ll most definitely have full, thick and sexy brows. Here’s the list:

  • Use correct tweezers. Replace old ones with tweezers of superior quality because it makes a world of a difference. Bella Eleganze Expert Brow Shaping Tweezers are tension calibrated with absolutely no gaps in between so the two tips are always aligned and meet precisely for accurate hair removal of even the tiniest hairs. No slipping or pain whenever you pluck so you’ll never dread regular grooming and shaping.
  • Do not use magnifying mirrors. YES! STAY AWAY FROM THESE. Simply because you will slowly but surely over pluck. Just remove excess hairs that you see with your natural vision.
  • Let them grow thick. You need not pluck daily. Most women these days pluck once or twice a week, depending on one’s hair growth. So just let them grow into their natural full state and remove excess hairs below and above your eyebrows outline. Go easy on the arch formation because you don’t want to look perpetually angry. If you already do, all the more reason that you should go easy on the arch and concentrate on making them full. This way your face looks friendly and more serene.
  • Brush them up. Use an eyebrow or spooly brush to brush up and let the hairs look neat and tidy. This is also the best way to see if there are spaces that need to be filled out.
  • Fill them up. Back in the day, the use of eyebrow pencils were most likely suggested. Now, we recommend using eyebrow powders in the shade that is near to yours. Use with a slanted brush and apply gentle feathery strokes to mimic the look of your natural hairs. In addition, use a tinted eyebrow mascara to make them neat and help keep the direction of the hairs stay in place. Remember, dark colors and shades will make you look serious and severe and may tend to age the face. Going a bit lighter or using tints that are slightly lighter (1-2 shades) than your hair is advisable to give your face that youthful appeal.

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