Truth be told, not everyone wakes up with naturally flawless hair! If you’re one of those wash and wear kind of gals, then good for you. Just about anyone who’s anyone (yes, even Beyonce) needs time to prep their hair with heat such as blowdryers, curling irons or straightening irons to achieve goddess status hair. Sadly, that requires a lot of effort and time. Even a whole team of stylists are sometimes needed for some of the A-list stars. For the mere mortals, worry not. For those days when your hair just won’t cooperate, there are easy and simple solutions. Here’s a list of hacks for the most common hair woes:

  1. Make use of your scarves and bandanas.

via: The Health Site 

“To move attention from a greasy or excessively dry scalp, tie a bandana or scarf on your head. You could tie your hair into a loose bun, a ponytail or simply leave it open if you could manage it that way. Opt for cool colors or funky prints when you are out with friends or at home. However, it is preferred that you skip this for a formal environment.”

         2. Control the frizz.

via: Jule Mag 

“Put frizzy hair in its place by with some leave-in deep conditioner. Avoid running your fingers through repeatedly as this just builds up the frizz. Also, after you’ve finished combing your hair, twist up all the strands and let them go. This will tame the frizz instantly!

Pro tip: If you run out of leave-in conditioner, try using a hand cream instead. Just be careful not to use too much, as it can get greasy very easily.”

        3. Hide the grease.

via: Mark Hill 

“Well, first let us tell you that if you’re prone to greasy hair, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to wash your hair too often, as this can actually worsen the problem. However, right now you don’t have the time to think about that, you need this fixed – pronto!

What you need is some dry shampoo. Spray onto the roots and rub in very lightly with your fingertips in case of any slight residue. Next time you wash your hair, squirt a little onto freshly blow dried hair, this can help prevent the build-up of grease.

       4. Remedy flat boring hair.

via: Reward Me 

“30-minute remedy: Too many styling and conditioning products may weigh down your hair, so use a clarifying shampoo to free your hair from build-up. Don’t use normal conditioner for fine hair, rather use a hair mask and leave it in for a very short time.

Long-term cure: For extremely fine hair, try using a hair mask before shampooing. Avoid products containing silicone, as they can weigh down your hair. To boost your root volume you may also consider getting highlights. The colour will add some extra body and structure.”

      5. Eliminate dandruff with a simple DIY fix.

via: Vingle 

“Mix a half cup of apple cider vinegar with half cup of water. Add 5 drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. Then apply it onto your scalp, leave it in for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.”

For everyday styling and grooming, use Bella Elegance’s The Brush to easily remove tangles without stress and pain. Remember, minimal effort is all you need so you never have to walk out the house looking unkempt. Stay beautiful, ladies!

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