Let’s talk about a major beauty woe that happens to most women. Even the most religious follower of a great skin care regimen isn’t immune to it. Yes, you got it! Blackheads! Now why on earth do these things even exist when they don’t even have a real legitimate purpose, except to annoy and frustrate us! As gross and unglamorous as it may be, let’s all admit to it. There’s something hugely satisfying about blackhead removal especially those nasty ones on the nose! With the help of those clever little pore strips that you can easily get in the drugstore, the chore of removing is now such a breeze. The only problem is that they can be expensive! Time to switch things up with a DIY beauty hack by Alexandra Girl Talk. It's as effective and super simple to do!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 egg white

1 applicator brush

toilet paper, separated in half for a thin layer


• Place an egg white in a bowl and mix.

• Using a brush, apply the egg white on affected areas such as the nose and the sides. Give a good and thorough swipe.

• Get a single piece of tissue paper and stick on areas where the egg white was applied.

• Apply another generous layer of egg white on the top.

• Allow to fully dry for about 20 to 25 minutes. Your face will feel very tight and stiff and that’s a good thing. This will make the removal of blackheads effective. Slowly peel and watch your blackheads stick to the tissue!

This will feel oh so good! Seeing your skin free of blackheads will just be so satisfying, we promise! You can do this DIY ritual once or twice a week to get rid of those nasties and remember to always take off your makeup and Bella Eleganze mascara before hitting the sack. Make sure that the makeup remover residue is also thoroughly removed. Avoid the use of comedogenic facial moisturizers and cosmetics if possible. In addition, wash all tools with that were used in this DIY recipe with an anti-bacterial liquid cleaner and allow to dry completely. Now that’s it! We hope this beauty hack finds its way into your home, try it out and let us know the results! We’d love to hear from you!

To see the full video in more detail, please watch:

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