Every woman knows the power of mascara in giving a boost of confidence. Mascara just makes life better. End of story. But just like anything that is applied on the face during the day, mascara needs to be removed completely to complete our nightly cleansing ritual. The good thing is, Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash mascara is so easy to remove but if you apply layers of primer, eyeshadow and foundation then an easy DIY makeup remover is needed. This recipe is better than most store bought ones and what’s great about it is that it’s all natural. You’re not likely to develop a rash or an allergic reaction with this one. In addition, the ingredients can nourish and even promote lash growth while you sleep at night. You can even supplement this ritual by applying castor oil directly on your lashes after completely removing makeup and washing the face. Just leave it on overnight to allow it to do its job. Here’s our winning recipe that’s been tried and tested:

What you’ll need:

2 Tbsp of filtered water or boiled water that’s been left to cool

2 Tbsp witch hazel

2 Tbsp oil of almond or jojoba oil


1. Place all ingredients in a glass container / dispenser.

2. Shake well making sure the oil mixes well with the water before using.

3. Apply on closed eyelids using cotton ball or makeup pad. Keep swiping until all makeup has been removed.

4. Wash face with water and gentle cleanser to freshen face and remove all residue.

Now that’s it. It’s so amazingly simple right? The best thing about this is that it will save you tons of money over time. You won’t go back to buying ones that are full of chemicals and are annoyingly expensive. This too can be a nice giveaway for friends. Just place it in a nice bottle, put a ribbon and viola! A sweet gesture to make your friends feel loved and special. Also don’t forget to buy yourself and your female squad another tube of Bella Eleganze mascara. Th pre-Christmas sale is on-going and you can avail of your favorite tube for $15. 62 only. A clever way to stock up on your favorite babies to be holiday ready because let’s face it, we all need a fresh tube of great mascara. Now bat those lashes and stay pretty, ladies!

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