The Spring 2017 runways this past fall were alive with some sparkling and exciting new makeup ideas. While the no-makeup thing is already stepping into the annals of history, this year, we saw big color, big lashes, and big statements from some of our favorite designers. Here are some new and fun ways to shake up your makeup routine and still spend no more than 5 minutes a day getting ready.


Blush Bomb

No, it's not an explosive device, although it was popping all over New York Fashion Week. The technique refers to a shimmery blush applied aggressively and generously on the cheekbone and up towards the eyes. A combo of cream blush and shimmer powders creates your own unique shade. Trail it up onto your eyelids for extra drama. Because this is a dramatic look on its own, keep it minimal everywhere else.


Big Lips

You may as well just pin your favorite bold lip look and leave it there every year because it is never going out of style. This year, though, the runways were full of them. Shades that are oh, so totally 80s such as orange, fuchsia, glossy plums, and anything fluorescent were everywhere. You still can't go wrong with a classic red matte. To apply matte lipstick: condition the lips and let them sit for a few minutes. Line the lips with a pencil that's just a touch darker than your lipstick, and you're ready. Repeat throughout the day as necessary. Apply a layer of red combined with orange or pink to come up with something that's perfect for you.


Boy Brows: Still a Thing!

The good news for people who dread their tear-stained minutes in the waxing or threading chair: let it grow. Unfussy, unshaped, strong brows were still seen on actual models. So, if you already embraced the trend, by all means, let it grow. Define the top and edges with a brow pencil, or brow mascara, and don't get precious about uniformity. Many of us thought the look was too good to be true. For now, at least, natural brows are the brows of the now. Let's embrace it!


Eyes: Go Big and Go Out

Because there was a lot of 80s referencing this year, mascara and eyeliner is still dark and dramatic. If you love your falsies or your fiber mascara, you're in luck, because there were plenty of those going around, too. So, keep up with your smoky eye if that's your thing. You like a cat eye with a ton of color on top? DO IT! You want a sweep of purple or lavender on top of your brow? The more the merrier. Here's a tip: falsies making you tired?Tryfiber mascara. It gives you the look of lash extensions without the mess of glue. Try a combo with a conditioner that acts as a sort of adhesive to keep the fiber in place while you're cruising through the work day or hitting the dance floor.


Keep it Simple

What ties all these looks together? Makeup artists use one at a time. So, if you love a big lip, go for it, and keep the rest minimal. Ditto for blush, smoky eyes, and yes, big eyelashes. Think of it this way: if you're wearing a big statement necklace, you're not going to pair it with giant hoops, right? If you turn up the volume in one area, then let your look be as natural as possible everywhere else. You can still use some of your favorite products, likeprimer, foundation, face powder (yes, a little sparkle is o.k. in that department no matter what else you're doing), and a touch of mascara.


It's certainly good to see some color and drama back in the makeup arena for the spring and summer. You probably have everything you already need to try out some of these techniques right now. It's never too soon to experiment!


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