A lot of us are obsessed with the winged liner! It gives the “come hither” look that is extremely fun and SEXY. While some of us been battling with this winged eyeliner routine for ages or have been mastering the art, it’s always great to learn new tricks! Here, Eimear McElheron demonstrates her way on how to perfect the winged liner. This is great for beginners especially those who are new to eyeliners or just getting used to eyeliners. Remember to practice and just have fun with it! Use the classic black or have fun experimenting with different colors.

First step is to use a felt pen eyeliner and create a series of dots. Place the first dot on the end of the tear duct of the eye then the second just on top of the start of the iris.

Then the third dot should be on top of the middle of the pupil…

Then continue placing the fourth and fifth dots as seen here…

Place the 5th dot on the crease of the brow and the last on the end of the brow where you will do the flick.

Connect the dots and make an easy outline.

Fill in the outline with the felt tip liner.

Top it off using a liquid liner to intensify the color. Take the time to trace and don’t be in a rush to avoid mistakes.

Tidy up mistakes with a pointed cotton bud submerged with a little makeup remover to erase mistakes. Also to clean around the edges for a crisper line. Remember to coat your lashes with your favorite Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara for long voluminous lashes that will add drama to your look!

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVXP_EFHEQM

VIA: www.eimearmcelheron.com

​Now there you have it! Wasn't that simple but informative? We hope that helped you find new tricks to up your winged liner game! Watch the video for more details. 

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