Are you one of those women who simply love having long lashes but don’t want to go through the silly and tedious process of applying glue and falsies? We feel you! We know what a hassle this is. It’s simply time consuming! In addition, there is something totally off putting with the use of falsies simply because it looks fake and over the top. All women aspire to look good but still want to look natural.

The use of synthetic lashes and glue and can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Have you ever experienced losing a false eye lash in the middle of the dance floor, dinner with friends or during ****GASP****--- a romantic date? It’s terrible! Best to stay away from these and opt for a great mascara. With so many mascara options out there, one might get overwhelmed and disappointed with the end result. Mascaras lengthen but not all give the dramatic lash look that falsies deliver. That’s where the dilemma arises. The desire for the false eyelash look without applying glue. We have searched for the mascara that can achieve this coveted look. You can achieve this desired look! Trust us, you can! And it’s super easy! Let Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara help you!

We at Bella Eleganze believe in the power of our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It has a new & improved, fresh scented, extreme 3D collagen grafted carbon black liquid sealing gel & 100% green tea natural fibers formula. This will provide you with the long-lasting effects of a naturally voluminous lash look without the need of putting on fake lashes. In short, it’s all you. Just a better version of you.

This revolutionary product lasts for months and boosts your lashes’ volume and thickness by 300% in just a few, simple steps! Based on reviews & customer feedback, the best way to achieve maximum results is to:

Step 1 – Apply your regular mascara, first. Let it dry.

Step 2 – Apply the 3D Fiber Lash Sealing Gel

Step 3 – Apply the 3D Natural Fibers (also comes in a tube) while the gel is wet. To avoid eye irritation, it is best to apply the fibers midway your lashes.

Step 4 – Apply again the 3D Fiber Lash Sealing Gel to set & seal the fibers. Let it dry.

Step 5 – For extra volume, repeat the cycle twice.

Having trouble with flaking fibers? Try using a mascara comb to remove any that may be loose.

Just think of this, long sexy lashes all day? Isn’t that a thought that’s comforting? All of a sudden, all is right in the world and you’ll be ready to face the day. Now go ahead ladies, celebrate your beauty and grab a tube of mascara! Own your confidence. Never again will you need to resort to using falsies and glue, we promise!

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