A big collection of makeup is something most women dream of. Many have already built an overwhelming array of cosmetic items in their makeup drawer. A true makeup enthusiast understands this and there is really no such thing as too much makeup! While it’s great to have a variety of brands and cosmetics in different formulations, streamlining your makeup kit can prove to be important for those days when all you can bring is a small purse. The challenge is, what do you prioritize when you love them all? Here, we have made a list of key items that will help you look glam from day to night without worrying if you have missed out on a beauty must. Here are the items you should have in your purse:

  • ​A tinted moisturizer with SPF.

The best start for a perfect canvas is to apply a moisturizer with SPF, so you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The added tint is great for neutralizing your skin tone prior to foundation application and it will also fill lines of your face to give you an even and poreless appearance. This will double as hand moisturizer too so always keep one in your bag so you’ll never have to feel dry.

  • ​The perfect shade of foundation.

What we mean by the perfect shade is the shade that disappears into your skin. This is important because looking natural is the best secret to looking beautiful. To do this, swipe a small amount of foundation on your jawline and look at it under natural lighting (aka sunlight. If it disappears into your skin, then it’s your match.

  • A great concealer that hides imperfections.

This is your best friend and will aid you in looking fresh and flawless. Use liquid formulations under the eyes that are 1 to 2 shades than your skin tone. To hide scars and existing acne, use a real concealer that is a shade darker. This will help that area recede and fade into the background. Just remember to set with a loose powder so it stays put.

  • Colorless lip balm to sooth dry lips and skin.

Yes, you read that right. A colorless lip balm can go a long way. Not only is it great to keep your lips nourished but it’s a great fix for dry skin around the mouth and nose. When you see signs of dryness like flaking, just apply on those areas and viola, instant moisture!

  • A natural brightening blush.

The easiest way to look fresh is to apply color to your cheeks. This will give you a healthy flush that will prettify you in seconds. Choose one that has a natural illuminating and brightening formula for a natural glow. Just go easy on the shimmer and not overboard.

  • A great volumizing and lengthening mascara.

No time for eyeliner and eyeshadow? No problem! Always keep your Bella Eleganze The Lash 3D Fiber Lash Mascara with you. This will help you achieve goddess lashes in no time. It opens up the eyes to make you look more awake and rested. You may add more coats of sealing gel and green tea fibers if you wish to intensify your look. With this key item, your eyes will look made up but still natural looking!

  •  Oil absorbing oil blotters.

A must have for women with oily skin. This handy miracle worker absorbs oil and helps you look clean and fresh. Always have it with you to de-grease when you need to.

  • Small bottle of dry shampoo.

Another must have for day to night looks. Spray dry shampoo on greasy parts of the hair and shake off to remove the white residue. This will absorb all the accumulated oil and will make your hair smell great. Less grease, more volume for your hair please!

  • A great quality hair brush.

A great detangling brush like Bella Eleganze The Brush will help you tidy up your hair in minutes. Bring it with you anywhere so you can fix or re-style your hair in the middle if the day. Or simply to tame your hair for those especially windy or dry days when your hair just won’t cooperate.

A big collection of makeup is something most women dream of. Many have already built an overwhelming array….

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