The holiday season is nearing and everyone will be taking out their cell phones to take selfies during those parties. Don’t regret having your pictures taken by following these simple makeup tips. One day you’ll look back and smile and who knows? You just might repost that photo as a throwback picture. By mastering these tips, you’ll never have to feel embarrassed over a few tagged photos on Facebook or Instagram. Let your friends post and tag away, you’ll always look smashing. Here are the tips to look flawless in pictures:

• Use a Primer.

Via: Cosmopolitan

“A primer will help even out your skin so your foundation glides right on. This one also has light-reflecting particles translation: the flash from the camera will give you a soft, pretty glow instead of showing every tiny imperfection.”

• Opt for Matte.

Via: All Women Talk

“Mattes are flat colors. They don’t have any sparkle or shimmer. When you're going to be photographed, you want to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face. The camera flash and the added shimmer will leave you looking like an oil spill and not your #beautiful self.”

• Curled Lashes and Mascara are Must.

Via: Daily Makeover

“Both open up your eyes, and the eyes are the focal point of a picture. You want to draw people into a picture, so you want to maximize the impact of the eyes. They more open they are, the more the light hits them and that’s what makes them twinkle!”

Use Bella Eleganze’s The Lash. This is the easiest way to achieve the super long lash look without glue and falsies. It will make your eyes look super pretty and awake in photos. In addition, the green tea fibers look so natural so you’ll look good without looking too over the top.

• Avoid Reverse Raccoon Eyes.

Via: Glamour

“Mix under-eye concealer with a bit of foundation before applying. This helps prevent skin-brightening concealer from popping out and looking too white when a flash hits. "We've all seen photos of stars with those white under-eye mishaps..”

• Choose the Right Concealer Shade.

Via: Cosmopolitan

“If your concealer is too light, you'll have halos around your eyes. If it's too dark, you'll look like you have circles. This one is great because it adjusts to your skin. Problem solved!”

• Contour

Via: Michelle Phan

“Contouring your cheekbones, nose, jawline or any other features you’d like more prominent will add back in any definition lost in a photo.”

• Don’t Forget the Blush.

Via: All Women Talk

“Skipping blush will wash your face out, especially under a heavy flash. Blush adds definition to your face. Without the blush, you won't have nearly the amount of definition that you would have if you add a bit of blush. Remember though, don’t over apply blush either. Start light and add more if needed.

• Get Lush-Looking Lips

Via: Glamour

“Blend the lipstick out over your lips, patting the color on with your fingertip to help it last. “This gives you that fresh, just-ate-a-popsicle look,” she says. To amp up things for night, add a layer of gloss for extra shine.”

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