Some of us might hate to acknowledge that there are certain rules when it comes to makeup. If you are an artist like Lady Gaga then by all means, do what you want with your makeup. We also believe that makeup is a form of art which some people use to express themselves. However, for people who work in offices, there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to look professional and polished. A crazy eyeliner or a frosted lip color might not be the best idea if you want your colleagues to take you seriously. Here’s a list of must follow rules for daytime makeup by the Bella Eleganze Team:

  • Use the correct foundation shade.

It’s very tricky to wear makeup in broad daylight. Even the slightest mishap can be seen easily! One of top mistakes is not using the correct shade. Do not make a habit of using shades that are much lighter or darker than your own skin tone, because believe us, it will never be flattering. To know the correct shade, apply a bit of foundation near your jaw and check it under natural lighting. Avoid harsh yellow lights because this doesn’t show the reality of your makeup shade. If the color disappears into your skin, then you have found your match! This takes a lot of trial and error but when you have found the shade that is for you, then you are well on your way to looking natural.

  • Avoid dark liners on your eyes.

Reserve the black liners for night wear. Instead use shades of brown when lining the eyes to accent them without totally being obvious. The trick is to look soft and subtle rather than shocking. Most women like to over-do and they end up looking severe rather than serene. Ladies, do not scare your co-workers. Keep the color light. When the sun goes down and it’s time for socializing, then that’s when you can get all foxy. There’s always a right time for everything.

  • Avoid wearing fake lashes.

We know you all want to look like a goddess, and we hate to break this to you, but false eyelashes during the day is simply over the top! Instead of looking like you came to work to party, use Bella Eleganze’s The Lash Mascara. It delivers a 300% increase to your lashes but the best part is, it looks natural which is the whole point of daytime makeup. Get long, volumized lashes but still look put together and professional. Another great thing is, the Bella Eleganze’s the Lash Mascara will stay on from day to night so no need to reapply!

  • Do not go overboard with contouring.

Daylight isn’t so forgiving, so heavy contouring will show almost immediately. It may look good in photos but in real life, it’s simply a don’t. Avoid looking harsh and unnatural. For a natural look, choose a light and subtle bronzer and highlighter to give your face a flattering glow. Just a light cheekbone contour that will define your features will do. Stop from there and reserve heavier contouring for nights out at the club.

  • Wear matte or cream lip colours.

When it comes to lip colours, the rules aren’t too strict. In fact you can opt for bright reds and some purples as long as the finish is matte or cream. Avoid shiny or frosted ones because these are not appropriate for work and the 80s are long gone. So let’s stick to this era, shall we, ladies? If you will be using bright reds, do not forget to line your lips so it looks neat. Remember to apply lip balm on cracked or dry lips to avoid feathering. For a more natural color, simply apply your lipstick with your fingers and blend.

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