Nothing ruins a girl’s day more than unmanageable, unruly & tangled hair. It’s a total confidence breaker and it somehow affects one’s attitude & appearance. Well, here’s a secret: it is possible to kiss bad hair days goodbye! AND, you only need one thing to achieve this—Bella Eleganze’s detangler hairbrush called The Brush!

Our crowning glory was not made equal. While some are blessed with straight-from-a-shampoo-commercial, effortlessly sleek & smooth hair, others are not so lucky. Regardless of hair styles or textures, Bella Eleganze’s The Brush got you covered. Achieve that picture-perfect hair just by brushing! No products, no nothing, easy breezy. Brushing may not be the most favourite thing of most people, as it sometimes – more often than not — causes pain, hair breakage and damage (every girl’s nightmare), but this revolutionary new product makes the gruelling task of brushing your hair, a piece of cake and a lot more enjoyable!

This wonder brush is uniquely designed with multi-height bristles and alternating rows making it easy to glide through all hair types. Wet or dry, it easily untangles stubborn hair and prevents hair loss. No pulling and tagging needed, no more snarls & snags! Aside from prevention, it also promotes hair growth. How? Whenever you use this hair detangler brush the bristles massage your scalp, stimulating the capillaries, therefore increasing blood circulation, bringing oxygen & nutrients to the hair follicles. This results to shinier, healthier, smoother and more vibrant hair. Just the way you like it. Aside from being compact & handy, it also comes in a beautiful, stylish, hot pink color!

So why waste good money on low quality products that under deliver? Get that hair you deserve with this product that works like a dream! Our hundreds of happy customers would attest to it. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, it’s the only hair tool you would need in your life. It effectively saves time and yes, some tears. Plus, you get to bond with your child over this pleasant experience! Here are just some of the wonderful reviews from happy moms!

“This is absolutely excellent – a mother’s dream come true!!! My daughter is six years old and has hair that hides horrible snarls in it. It actually works painlessly! I’m not sure exactly how it works, but it does – and it works quite well! This is absolutely a keeper – we all love it! No more tears over snarled hair in this house!” – Katrina S.

“My daughter has long fine straight hair. We’ve tried 5 different “detangler” brushes with nothing but a screaming fight, hair coming out into the brush, and no help at all from these other brushes. This brush works wonderful. She can even brush it easily.” – Lacy S.

“Love this brush for my daughter’s hair, it has made my life much easier!” – Jen B.

“My son has curly hair and he hates when I brush his hair because I always end up pulling it. Since the first day I got it, he loved it. He has no problem with me brushing his hair anymore!” – Romaiky G.

“Love this detangler brush! My 5yr old can’t stand to have her hair brushed, but with this brush it makes it so much easier!” – Mary

“This brush worked wonders on my daughter’s hair. She has long thick hair and it’s always tangled up. This brush has saved me a lot of time brushing her hair. Five stars for sure!” – Ashley B.

“Love how this brush works wonders on my daughter’s long wavy hair. It works magic through tangled hair, wouldn’t want no more cheap brushes that don’t work. This will be the only brush that me and my kids will go to.” – Nicole L.

“FINALLY A BRUSH THAT WORKS!!! My daughter has curly thin knotted and tangled hair all the time. This brush works quickly and actually gets the tangles out. She’s much happier and so am I. Happy girls here. Thank you for such a great product.” – Malissa M.

“I just received this yesterday and already my daughter’s hair is less tangly. My little girl wants hair like Rapunzel, so this is going to be a must have. I love the color and the ergonomic handle and that you can sanitize and wash it.” – Pretzelp

“This works awesome on my daughters curly hair! Thank you!” – Crystal B.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to share this wonderful blessing with your family & friends. Believe me, they’ll thank you for it. 😉

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