Most of us are so busy that sleep becomes a luxury. The recommended eight hours rarely happens and this usually shows in our face, mood and disposition. In some cases, even after 8 hours of sleep, dark circles are still present and the culprit might unfortunately be genetic. It is also believed that a diet that is high in sodium may cause dark bags around eyes. Whatever the reason may be, there are solutions. Just always remember that a balanced lifestyle is key. Never underestimate the importance of getting a full night’s rest and eating healthy foods that are vitamin rich. Here’s the list of tips to make your eyes look awake and fresh.

• Reach For The Cold Tap

Via: Refinery 29 

“As nice as it feels getting your cleanse on in warmth, water this temperature doesn’t do your skin any favors. “Cool water refreshes the complexion better than warm water, thanks to vaso-constriction,” explains makeup artist Allie Clark. “The cool temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing redness and swelling, particularly around the eyes.” Team this with the spoon trick and your skin’s well on its way to being nursed back to a glowing state of awake.”

• Mind Your Sleeping Position

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“Change your Sleep Style. Bad news, stomach sleepers. The average head weighs 8 pounds — that’s a lot of pressure on that little face of yours! If you want to fight premature aging and look more alert when you wake, let’s all give sleeping on our backs a try. If sleeping on your back is unacceptable, sleep on your side with a body pillow. It’s not as effective, but it’ll do!”

• Curl Lashes and Wear Mascara

This is should be in every woman’s beauty code. Never leave the house without curling your lashes and putting on Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. The effects are just profound. When you curl and lengthen your lashes, the eyes not only look awake but they look deliciously alert and flirty. Use neutral shades of eyeshadow and simple dark brown eyeliner and you are all set.

• Drink as much water as you can during the day.

Via: Stylecaster

“It’s not rocket science: If plants—which are living things—wilt without water, we will too. Try keeping a large water bottle at your desk throughout the day and refilling it each time you’re done. Water hydrates our organs and our brain, so we’ll not only feel more awake, but look it, too. Plus, all those trips to the water cooler (and the bathroom!) will keep you moving.”

• Moisturize

Via: The Coveteur

“Apply light serum or moisturizer to your eye area and face.” It’s all about hydration, kids. Glowing skin = 8 hour fake-out.”

• Conceal

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“Concealing the dark circles under the eyes is an absolute must. Instead of applying it directly under the eye where your dark circles are, you’re going to apply it from the tear duct down to the bottom of your nose and up to the outside corner of your eye, creating a triangle shape. This will make your eyes look more open and bright, as opposed to just putting it on the dark spots.”

• Strengthen Your Eyebrows

The power of defined, groomed and shaped eyebrows are amazing when you want to achieve a polished look that makes you appear bright and alert. The difference is so obvious so make it a point to have a strong eyebrow game. Start by grooming stray hairs using Bella Eleganze tweezers. Fill out spaces with colored eyebrow powder that matches your natural hairs with light feathery strokes then finish of with an eyebrow pomade to set everything in place.

• Do the Spoon Trick

Via: Refinery 29 

“The first tip for achieving a faux glow is one you've probably heard before — but that's because it works. Grab two spoons, and place them in the freezer while you make yourself a coffee. Once they’ve cooled, gently press the spoons, curved side in, into your eye sockets. Forget the cliché cucumber slice; if you want a way to instantly shrink down those under-eye bags, this is it. Hold the spoons in place for a few seconds, and follow with a brightening eye cream to rehydrate the chilled area.”

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