We all invest some time and effort putting on makeup and dressing up daily for work or play. The most annoying thing for basically any woman who ever lived is seeing her makeup all messed up in the middle of the day. What is the worst of them all? Which is the one that all women hate with a passion? RACCOON EYES! Imagine perfecting your eye makeup and instead of looking sexy and sophisticated, your look turns into some sort of homeless chic, barely had-a-wink, I-don’t-shower, I-am-a-hot-mess look! This instantly makes anyone look tired, haggard, unkempt and dirty. Stop the cause from the get-go and try these tips we have compiled to make sure your eye makeup stays put all day.

• Do not skip the base.

Via: Shape

“Hate those pesky creases that come with extra-hours shadow wear? NARS lead makeup artist Jenny Smith says those happen when you skip an eyeshadow base. "Before applying shadow, always smooth on a primer..”

• Do some layering.

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“If you need help keeping liner on your waterline but you don’t want to experiment putting primer in there (especially if your eyes are sensitive) you can try putting your liner on and then using a similar color powder eyeshadow on a dense eyeliner brush to set it. That will keep it in place much longer. Long wearing waterproof liners are always a good choice, but even those need help in the waterline sometimes. Just make sure the eyeshadow you layer over it isn’t glittery. The glitter pieces can really irritate the eyeballs.”

• Top liner with a powder

Via: We Heart This 

“Run a line of powdered eyeshadow in the same hue over it. This may dull the glossiness a bit, but it will also help absorb the oil in the liner and make it stay put.”

• Skip the eye cream.

Via: Lauren Snow

“Avoid applying eye cream to eye lids. It may leave them too moisturized causing mascara to travel all over the place. If you can't give it up, wait until it is completely absorbed before you apply mascara or eye makeup.”

• Apple Loose Powder

Via: Lauren Snow

“Dust loose powder on you eyelids and over under eye concealer to absorb any mositure so mascara doesn't travel. If your eyes are not sensitive, you can also apply a light dusting of loose powder to your lashes. It adds volume and does help with flaking. Old school trick.”

Lastly, always use good quality mascara such as Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, of course! The green tea fibers applied onto the lashes also serves as a barrier. This allows the lashes to avoid contact with any facial oil that naturally occurs around the eye area. In addition, also make it a point to throw out mascaras when they reach the third month. This will not only ensure that your eyes are free from allergic reactions and infections due to bacteria build up but this will guarantee that your tube is still efficient and won’t ever flake or clump. So there you have it, a few makeup tricks here and there and you’ll never have to look like a raccoon ever again. Stay pretty, ladies!

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