Our faces come in many shapes and while the oval shape is deemed the most ideal, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you have. Many would go crazy with overly contouring their faces with makeup or will go to the extremes with facial procedures just to get an oval face. We believe this isn’t necessary because all shapes come with their strengths and we love how round shaped faces have a youthful appeal. All you need are tricks to simply enhance your face and this can be done having the right haircut. It’s all about taking the time and trying out new styles until you find the right one that will flatter your face. We have compiled the best 5 hairstyles that will add sophistication to round faced beauties out there. Here’s the list:

1. Mixed-Length Layers

Via: Allure 

“Lauren Conrad knows that if it's not broke, don't fix it, as these waves have become her signature. And with good reason: "It's about angling layers out the right way—not boxing the face in. That'll make a round face look shorter," hairstylist Andy Lecompte says. Steal her look by asking your stylist for loose, face-framing layers, the first ones beginning slightly past the chin. Add waves by wrapping sections of the hair around a one-and-a-quarter-inch-barrel curling iron, feathering it away from the face. Brush through curls with a wire-bristle brush, like Sheila Stotts's Application Brush, he says. "You can back-comb and tease with the same brush for volume and shine."

2. Side Bangs

Via: Cosmopolitan 

“Side-swept bangs offset the look of a rounded face, so don't steer away from cutting them. Instead, they'll bring attention to your cheekbones, helping to define them.”

3. Edgy Bob

Via: Latest Hairstyles 

“This short and shaggy bob has tons of edgy layers and is topped off with spiky bangs. The deep crimson color plays up the texture and the length is extremely flattering for round faces because it cuts in right at the jawline.”

4. Short Crop

Via: The Daily Makeover 

“Piecey texture and a soft side part make Michelle Williams's crop ultra feminine, and the asymmetry helps to downplay roundness.”

5. Flowing Waves

Via: The Redbook 

“Amy Adams' long, loose waves show off her smile and make her neck seem longer, which helps balance out her face. Myrna Palacios, a stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, agrees that this look works because the volume is in the lower sections of the actress' hair, making it appear smooth on top and fuller below.”

These are the top 5 styles that look great on any round faces that you can try out today. Talk to your stylists and experiment. Having great hair that will frame your face and will make a huge impact on your overall look. Don’t forget to use Bella Eleganze’s The Brush to keep your hair groomed and healthy while you are styling. Embrace what you’ve got. You only need a few tricks here and there and you’ll be able to rock your round face no matter what.

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